Why do window blinds need to be open on planes for take off&landing?

Answer Before takeoff and landing, most airlines require passengers to open the shades on their windows. People often wonder why this is required, and the answer has to do with both safety and common sens... Read More »

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How do you clean window blinds (ventian blinds) easily?

buy one of those swiffer or pledge dry wipes. i used one of those to wipe the furniture because normal rag and vinegar did not help at all. those things are like magic!!

Does anyone know of a window blind that you can snap over a window and it acts like the blinds that are inside the glass?

Answer Home Depot has an Enclosed Blind for Patio Door which fit over existing glass. One might assume they have them for windows, also. # ODL BWM26601 on Home Depot site.

How should blinds fit a window?

Most blinds fit inside the window frame. The exception to this is vertical blinds, which usually fit outside the frame. No matter what type of blinds you're working with, though, taking correct mea... Read More »

Window Shades Vs. Blinds?

Whether decorating a new home or remodeling an existing one, determining what window treatments to use presents an intricate part of home decorating. Many different varieties of blinds and shades e... Read More »