Why do wild cottontail rabbits build a separate nest for babies?

Answer Adult cottontail rabbits don't live in nests. They simply build them for their young. Since the mother often leaves the young for long periods of time, it gives a false impression she has a separat... Read More »

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Do cottontail rabbits make a covered nest then open it when ready to give birth?

Not really, though it may appear that way. Cottontail rabbits use what is known as a form, or a covered impression in the earth. Cottontail rabbits are not good diggers. Only when the female rabbi... Read More »

Do cottontail rabbits eat strawberries?

The cottontail rabbit does not eat much in the way of fruit like strawberries, preferring instead grasses, herbs, lettuce and peas. During the winter cottontail rabbits sustain themselves on things... Read More »

How to Hunt California Cottontail Rabbits?

The cottontail is the most widely hunted of all the rabbit species. They range from the east coast of the United States to the west coast in five different subspecies, the largest being in the east... Read More »

How to Feed Baby Cottontail Rabbits?

Baby cottontail rabbits are incredibly cute, and it is tempting to want to feed them. You might be doing so because you found an orphaned rabbit, or because you simply enjoy interacting with wildli... Read More »