How Do Whales Survive in Salt Water?

Answer Land animals, including humans, couldn't survive living in and drinking ocean water. Whales and other marine mammals have special adaptations that separate them from land-bound species, enabling th... Read More »

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Why do dolphins jump out of water?

Dolphins are very intelligent and active mammals. They have large brains and are very curious. They dance, sing, play, fight and can jump as high as 16 feet out of the water. The exact reasons dolp... Read More »

Why do dolphins jump out of the water?

Dolphins are intelligent mammals that come in different sizes and colors. They usually swim in pods of two to 12. Even though dolphins move around by swimming, they also often jump out of the water... Read More »

How to Jump off a High Spot Into Water?

Do you know of a cliff or structure that towers over deep water and have you ever been tempted to jump off of it? Here's how to do it with relatively safely.

How to Jump over Your Own Leg (Leg Jump Dance Move)?

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