Why do we write MOV A,#0F9H instead of MOV A,#F9H in microcontroller 8051?

Answer It is most likely because F9H may look like an identifier rather than a number, whereas 0F9H is clearly a number. The alternative is that it is unnecessary and the two are the same.

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How to interface camera with 8051?

What leads you to believe that such a thing is possible?

Hello friends i m going to do some projects on 8051 IC .that also applicable in industries?

That is going to be quite difficult. If you are still stuck with your project assignment may be you can contact a programming expert live at website like .

Interfacing of microcontroller?

Interfacing a microcontroller depends entirely on what you need to interface.Switch: Digital InputLED: Digital OutputVoltage In: ADC InputVoltage Out: PWM OutputTechnology Specific Controllers: I/... Read More »

Why ADC is connected to microcontroller?

I can think of three reasons:1) More resolution is required. Perhaps the built-in ADC is 8 bits, but you need 12 bits.2) Faster conversion speed is required. The built-in ADC might have a 50 uS c... Read More »