Why do we use simple machines?

Answer The term "simple machine" refers to a tool that is used to make like easier. Simple tools use energy to work, and are made from little to no moving parts. There are five basic types of simple tools... Read More »

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Use of Simple Machines?

Simple machines use the bare basics of physics. Essentially, a simple machine redirects or amplifies force, making it possible to do more with the energy expended. These devices are the basis of hu... Read More »

Activities for Simple Machines?

Children usually learn in elementary school about simple machines, which include the lever, pulley, wedge, screw, wheel and axle and the inclined plane. Seeing and learning about simple machines in... Read More »

What are the simple machines ?

The invention and use of simple machines allowed humans to accomplish tasks more effectively, efficiently and easily. Simple machines refer to fundamental tools that have no complex moving parts an... Read More »

Projects on Simple Machines?

Simple machines, the most basic types of machines that perform work, exist all around us in objects and tools we use every day. For a simple project, observe how a simple machine works or build an ... Read More »