Why do we use plant fertilizer?

Answer Fertilizers are used on plants for a number of reasons, most of them related to the conditions under which plants grow best. Fertilizers come in many forms, some of which are better for plants than... Read More »

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There was a blast in TX at a fertilizer plant. Will the govt make us pass fertilizer background checks now?

Already has. To work around it or buy large quantities like a farmer does takes special training. And permits. Special storage for some things. And proper posting and logging of it. It is regu... Read More »

What does plant fertilizer have in it?

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are what's in plant fertilizer. They're the three most abundant and most important of the nutrients that plants need. Specifically, nitrogen is needed for above ... Read More »

Phosphorus Plant Fertilizer?

Plants require phosphorus in large amounts for adequate growth. A plant deficient in phosphorus will show stunted growth or leaf browning that spreads upward on the plant. To prevent phosphorus def... Read More »

How is vinegar used as a plant fertilizer?