Why do we tip Why not just pay the wait staff more money.?

Answer Restaurants have many expenses, and the profit margin is rather low in most establishments. The practise of appeasing customers by comping meals cuts into the loss ratio as well as1 Loss by food sp... Read More »

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What is the name of the restaurant where the wait staff treats you like crap on purpose?

I was just wonderin'...Why can't the US government make the tax return process just a little more complicated?

Good point, The Nolte. And besides, if the tax code was made more complicated, it would stimulate teh economy. Just imagine how many more accountants would need to be hired, all without the gover... Read More »

Have you ever just wanted to leave the world I know I feel this way more and more?

Life is really tough! You have to be patient, people are mean, bad things happen, money is stressful, your job sucks, ect. ect. What you need to know is everyone in the world has problems and has s... Read More »

Is it just me, or is Madonna looking more and more like Tom Petty?

she does look like him ever so slightly but she resembles several of his songs. her breast are Free Falling, she Got Lucky to sleep w/ A Rod, her exes tell her Don't come around her no more, she s... Read More »