Why do we swim faster with flippers?

Answer Flippers are rubber or plastic fins that attach to your feet to increase speed and maneuverability when swimming. Fins are common both in pool swimming and, especially, in snorkeling and other form... Read More »

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How to Swim a Faster Freestyle?

Swimming a faster freestyle requires discipline and dedication to learning and practicing swimming skills, including stroke technique, kicking and putting the two together. Swimming fast also requi... Read More »

Is losing 7 kilos of fat and doing dry land workout everyday for 1 month will help me swim alot faster ?

yes of course,your getting stronger and more fit!

Do I need flippers for snorkeling?

You do not need flippers to go snorkeling, especially if you are an exceptionally strong swimmer. However using flippers designed for snorkeling does make it easier, not only to swim around, but al... Read More »

Animals With Flippers?

Flippers are an evolutionary adaptation that allow aquatic and semi-aquatic animals to swim long distances while using less energy. Flippers can be likened to the oars in a boat. You use the flat s... Read More »