Why do we scream when we're in a lot of pain?

Answer Why do we cry when we are sad?Its just natural, I have no idea what the scientific side of it is.

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Your 8 year old daughter has a lump in the right hand side off her neck and its extremely painful when it is touched and she will scream in pain she has had this for about 8 week's now please help?

Please see a doctor Immidiately. Any kind of lump in the body should be dealt with seriously and shown to the doctor at the earliest.I agree with the above - most likely the lesion is an infection ... Read More »

What can I eat that wont make my gallbladder and me scream with pain?

Isnt your gallbladder just a hollow organ which stores bile for your liver?Why would eating any food make it hurt? Is it infected or did you get surgery?

What were the classic cars in Timbaland's Scream video?

It looks like the video has a Ford Mustang and a Buick Riviera both from 1965. Also, towards the end it shows a Lincoln Navigator with a possible model year anywhere from 2007 to 2010. I can't tell... Read More »

If you were stabbed in the throat, would you be able to scream How long would it take to die?

wow this screenplay is morbid.Depends If the knife severed the carotid artery , it could cause profuse and pulsatile bleeding, causing blood pressure to drop significantly , then death would occur ... Read More »