Why do we need windows vista if windows xp sp2 works fine?

Answer You do NOT. Unless you want a slow system. Like playing video: ONLY to prevent illegal copies of movies, EVERY movie (illegal or not) is decoded and encoded an extra time EVERY time you play it. So... Read More »

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I cannot print MS office 2007 docs. Printer works fine for other programs, Operating- Windows Vista?

What kind of errors or messages do you get when you print Office documents?Double check to make sure your printer is set as the Default printer.Try powering off (shut down) both the printer & your ... Read More »

Window xp ...i installed a disc windows xp .it works fine and has done for the past year or so .but when i try?

i have used incredimail for many years, i love it. But it wont work on a 2000 server. Even though XP was designed on a 2000 framework it is not compatible. When you installed XP im assuming you DID... Read More »

How do you get alpha centuri alien crossfire to work on windows XP since the original works fine?

It's Obsidian, the black stone brick. Though, you have to do more than just building the teleporter...

How to Reinstall Microsoft Works on Windows Vista?

Microsoft Works is a word processing program similar to Microsoft Word, but with fewer features. Many new computers come with Works pre-installed, and you may find that you need to reinstall it in ... Read More »