Why do we need surveillance cameras in public places?

Answer With video cameras already installed in most businesses, and some starting to appear over traffic lights, it is only natural to wonder why surveillance cameras are generally believed to be necessar... Read More »

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Do it Yourself Surveillance Cameras?

A possible caution to keep your premises safe from criminal break-ins is installing surveillance cameras to monitor all activities within your premises. Thugs tend to avoid premises that are under ... Read More »

What does AES mean on surveillance cameras?

AES stands for Atlantic Electronic Surveillance. This is the name of a surveillance technology company that produces spy cameras, GPS trackers, phone tapping accessories, disguised recording device... Read More »

Where are surveillance cameras located?

street corners,parking lots,liquor stores,grocery stores, home stores,schools,public buildings, airports,hospitals, gas stations, ATM machines, banks, police stations, fire stations, court houses, ... Read More »

How to Put Surveillance Cameras in the Classroom?

To keep classrooms safe, some schools may consider installing surveillance cameras. This is not only for the safety of the teacher, but for the students as well. In the event of a theft, assault or... Read More »