Why do we need staple foods?

Answer Sustainable foods such as grain and beans feed the hungry. Over nine million people, over half of them children, die annually because they don't have the basic staple foods to eat. Grain and beans ... Read More »

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What are the 5 main staple foods?

Staple foods are foods that are easily accessible to a country's inhabitants, are consumed most frequently, and provide the majority of calories, especially during times of scarcity and famine. The... Read More »

Portuguese Staple Foods?

Portugal draws its cuisine from influences around the world. Numerous spices and ingredients contribute to an array of dishes and flavors. No matter the origin, though, a few foods and traditional ... Read More »

Southern Italian Staple Foods?

Southern Italian cuisine-the food of Sicily, Campania, Basilicata, Apulia and Calabria- is considered distinct from Northern Italian cuisine in several respects. Americans will recognize its strong... Read More »

Can a staple cut you?

The edges of a staple are very sharp and can easily puncture your skin.