Why do we need new computers?

Answer The reasons behind needing new computers are numerous. The most common reasons are better efficiency, more eco-friendly technology, hardware incompatibility and software incompatibility.Higher Effi... Read More »

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Why do we need to recycle computers?

Think twice before you toss that old CRT monitor or junky laptop - electronic waste ending up in landfills not only takes up valuable space, but also releases toxic chemicals into the environment.E... Read More »

Need help on computers?

YesWhy not run a good anti virus program yourself though? Most decent AV programs,including their free versions, will detect any kind of virus or malware. I use Avast antivirus free version. It is ... Read More »

Why We Need Computers in School?

Nearly all public schools in the U.S. had integrated computers and other technology into classroom teaching as of 2011. While investments in costly school-based technology is a controversial subjec... Read More »

Do Mac computers need virus scans?

You should run virus scans on Macintosh computers, according to Computer Hope. Even though Mac users often forgo security programs because most viruses are written for Windows PC's, Macs can still ... Read More »