Why do we need fire drills?

Answer To ensure the safety of the people in the building should there be a real fire, they have rehearsed the procedures and are aware of what to do. Also it is a legal requirement.

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How to Conduct Fire Drills for Assisted Living in Iowa?

Assisted-living facilities are challenging from an emergency-preparedness standpoint because not all residents are mobile enough to evacuate on their own. Assisted-living facility residents range f... Read More »

How many fire fighters go in a fire truck during a fire?

It depends upon what type of truck and the mission assigned to it. Many pumpers that have water and hose are manned with between 3 and 5 firefighters. Ladder trucks usually have 4 or 5 and rescues ... Read More »

Do I need an antivirus on my Kindle Fire HD?

what is Kindle Fire HD ? Android ?Trend micro , symantec , webroot , bullguard are good .download google play .they have both free and pay software for android .Regards ,

Do you need a spark screen for a fire pit?

Fire pits do not require a spark screen although most fire pits come with one. Spark screens add a layer of safety when using a fire pit. Even with a spark screen, however, you should never leave a... Read More »