Why do we need bird houses?

Answer Bird houses provide a safe place for nesting birds to lay eggs and raise their young. Houses can also be a shelter during harsh weather, even during times when birds are not nesting.PredatorsBird h... Read More »

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Design Ideas for Bird Houses & Bird Feeders?

Providing bird feeders and birdhouses gives the fowl a convenient food source during winters or migration periods. It creates a greater collective appreciation of birds and gives citizen scientists... Read More »

DIY: Bird Houses?

Building your own bird houses can be an addictive hobby. Inexperienced woodworkers can make wooden bird houses that your backyard feathered friends will call home. Cedar, teak and redwood are natu... Read More »

Bird Houses 101?

A birdhouse can provide hours of entertainment and education for the entire family, and can be enjoyed throughout the year for a nominal investment. A birdhouse will offer insight into regional spe... Read More »

How to Keep Bees Out of Bird Houses?

Birdhouses encourage birds to visit and lay eggs near a person's house by providing shelter that protects against wind, water and predators. Unfortunately, the dark, dry climate of birdhouses also ... Read More »