Why do we need "Yahoo Answers" when we already have the internet?

Answer This is way more fun. There are some things only another person can answer. Google cant tell you if you should leave you boyfriend or what new icecream to try at coldstone creamery. Yeahhhh this... Read More »

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Why do people use yahoo answers when they could just do an internet search instead?

For the same reason they stare at the McDonald's menu for 10 minutes, even though they already know what's on the menu. ;)

If i switch my internet service to comcast will i still be able to have yahoo answers?

yes but if your email addres your using this is a premium one like a or one, you'll eventually lose it so you'll have to start all over. That's why I suggest anyone makes thei... Read More »

I already have internet why do i need to wait to have phone turned on My provider is Fairpoint?

Gotta do the paperwork.The internet and dial tone share the same cable pair, not the same equipment. Someone still has to run the jumper and rearrange the circuit in the central office. The job p... Read More »

Why would you need Roku if you already have an internet TV?

DSL is not fast enough for streaming video, that is why the lag. The roku is just one of many ways to stream media. If you have something else that can do it, then there is no need for a roku.