Why do we need 120Hz to play 3D movies and 3DTV ?

Answer Yes a movie is at 24 frames per second BUT at the cinema you are seeing it at 48 or even 72 frames per second depending on the projector.The movie projector uses a gate and shutter mechanism, which... Read More »

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LG or Panasonic 3DTV?

Currently, Panasonic make the best TVs you can buy.

Does SHARP have 3DTV?

Yes Sharp does have a 3D TV, however it is only available in 60 inches right now and should be out by the Holidays from what ive read.Model LE925I do encourage people to buy 3D....its not that your... Read More »

Do you always have to watch in 3D on a 3DTV?

No as not all channels have 3D possibilities. I dont actually own a 3D TV but it's just logic. It probably is like HD channels, you can still watch the SD ones on a HD TV. Kindly, - Nonly some pr... Read More »

Can a CD-ROM play DVD movies?

A standard CD-ROM drive cannot play DVDs. CD drives use lasers of a different wavelength than DVD drives. Newer computers that feature dual CD-RW/DVD-ROM drives are capable of reading both CDs and ... Read More »