Why do "we" look in the mirror when brushing our teeth?

Answer To see how beautiful we look with froth coming out of our mouths.

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When brushing your teeth, do you?

wet the brush before and after toothpastei also rinse my mouth first

Grey spit when brushing teeth?

New brush could mean a couple of things....electric toothbrush could be doing a great job removing plaque and that's what you are spitting out. could be the new brush head. Soak it for a co... Read More »

Why save water when brushing teeth?

According to the book "Water Consciousness," by Tara Lohan, every twenty years the demand for water doubles. The demand for fresh water is quickly outpacing the supply. Fortunately, there are steps... Read More »

Does anyone out there use hot water from the tap when brushing thier teeth?

Ew yuck, if you'd seen the contents of your hot water tank, you wouldn't do it (thats presuming you havent got a combi boiler)I used to be a gas fitter and the majority of water tanks in your loft ... Read More »