Why do we laugh when we hit it?

Answer Because it hurts so much...a special little bone vibration makes you laugh! Don't you hate it when it gets all weak? And you're laughing like an idiot about it!LOL!!

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Why do you cry when you laugh?

I've always wondered this.....when I laugh I always end up having tears streaming down my face, and everyone's like, "Are you crying?" "Are you okay?" And I'm like, yeah, I'm just laughing. But I t... Read More »

How to Not Laugh when You Are Lying?

Most people find it hard to keep a straight face, especially when they are lying. If that is you, then read on.

When was the laugh track invented?

In the 1950s by Charles Roland Douglass. A laugh track is a sound effect to tell people when to laugh at the right time and when to use on the punchline, usually in a rimshot. Today, laugh tracks ... Read More »

Why we cry instead of laugh when we were born ?

Because it's just screaming. Babies born don't make actual tears, they just make the only noise they know how, which is screaming. They are uncomfortable and cold and they don't know what is going ... Read More »