Why do we laugh at other people's pain?

Answer I certainly would not, but I get your point...I think the main reason why people do this is simply because they do not understand, or have not been exposed to something like this before... I can te... Read More »

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Was Truman capote ever a guest on Laugh InI know he was on Johnny Carson but Im sure I saw him on Laugh In but they don't give him credit.Did he ever do any other shows I remember him satuarating tv?

Can I use other peoples music covers for a YouTube video?

The Wolf is right. THe other answer about "say you don't own it" is absolutely false and ridiculous. If you steal a car and say "I don't own it", when you're caught by the police, is that the end o... Read More »

How to stop other peoples watch your computer?

Do you mean people looking over your shoulder trying to see what's on your screen? If you hold your computer at a 20 degree angle it might be harder for other people to see. Or you could do like I... Read More »

How do people hack into other peoples' myspaces?

sounds like you want to hack into someones myspace.