How to Deal With a Hard Life?

Answer Is your life hard? Do you have problems that are hard to deal with? Read this article to help!

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My jaw cracks when i eat hard stuff?

Hi! I used to have it to. Please google TMJ Dysfunctions or TMJ Disorders. maybe you're having problems with your TM joints.and yes, please try to eat softer food as it wont stress your jaw joints.... Read More »

Can you erase stuff from your hard drive?

When you delete files from your computer, they remain present on your hard drive for someone with the right tools and skills to easily recover. To erase things completely from your hard drive, you ... Read More »

I just got some cool stuff at the Asian food market, can anyone help with some good (relatively easy) recipes?

I would suggest a soup using miso, some of the seaweed pieces and tofu chunks. Of course you would need miso soup stuff. Otherwise you might be able to get away with vegetable broth (canned or ho... Read More »

How to Remove Really Stuck and Stubborn Hard Stuff From a Pot?

Stuck-on and stubborn foods can be hard to remove from a pot, especially those that are frequently placed in the oven for baking. Foods such as dairy products and marinated meats are the most commo... Read More »