Why do we have to be 21 to drink?

Answer That is a good question. We can be 18 to get ourselves killed by fighting for our country, but must wait to be 21 to drink.

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I have a FLU and I throw up everything I eat or drink.. what can I eat or drink?

Things that have worked for me in the past: goldfish crackers & Coca Cola consumed very slowly. Then if you can keep that down for a while, potato soup helps.

I have absolutely NNOOO energy and am only 24, i literally have to drag myself around. i dont drink.?

You're not drinking enough water. Drink water all day, and try to eat small meals every two hours.

If you have back pain when you drink would that have something to do with your kidneys?

Answer Very possible, your kidneys and/or liver.The kidneys and liver are the main organs for eliminating toxins from the body.When you drink alcohol it causes both of these organs to work "overtim... Read More »

Have you ever had an alcoholic drink Star if you have!?

100 proof Mellow Corn knocks your socks off !