Why do we have the need to stretch our bodies like in the mornings?

Answer It has to do with the way your blood circulates. Your heart pumps blood outwards through arteries at high pressure. But there is no mechanism to return the blood to the heart, it returns when you... Read More »

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Is it killing me if most mornings I need...?

Go ahead. You probably wont want those last moments of life anyway.

Why do baby's diapers smell like ammonia in the mornings?

Does anybody actually like getting up on cold mornings?

Well i live in Miami, so unless the AC is on then there arent many cold mornings...sorry

Why Our Bodies Need Lipids?

Lipids provide many services to the human body and come in a wide variety of forms. Each form has a specific job in aiding with the function of our body. Lipids do everything from supplying our bod... Read More »