Why do we have television?

Answer Television was invented for people's entertainment, but it could also be used to watch the news, as well. It is not portable, except for some televisions, unlike the newspaper.

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You have an omni television and have lost the book for it you accidentally hit something on the remote and now all you have is a blue screen with a padlock in the left hand top corner?

Can you use a Wii if you don't have an HD television?

You do not need a high definition television in order to play the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii will work on any standard television with AV inputs, since the Nintendo Wii is not a high definition... Read More »

Have you been on the television?

yes, at the end of a football game, i was caught giving at big lick singing and chanting, it was only about 5 seconds so im still due 14.55 of my fame

Do I Have to Change to HD Television?

If you have a single TV hooked up to your cable connection---but have more than one TV---you are not getting the most out of your cable service. Cable companies would gladly charge you to come over... Read More »