Why do we have hot water heaters?

Answer You don't have a hot water heater. You have a water heater. To heat water.

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What are the pros/cons of tank-less gas water heaters (vs. traditional heaters)?

The tankless ones cost about 3 times what a regular water heater does.

New Vs. Old Water Heaters?

The water heater is a home appliance that continues to evolve. However, people are still purchasing the older water heater models. Then, there are those who go after the newer models. Since both mo... Read More »

What Are Solar Water Heaters?

Solar water heaters are also referred to as solar domestic hot water systems. They use sunlight, a free energy source, to heat the water that is used in a home.System PartsA solar water heating sys... Read More »

Who manufactures GE water heaters?

GE water heaters are manufactured by General Electric. General Electric offers several types of water heaters powered by either gas or electricity. The three models of General Electric water heater... Read More »