What causes birthmarks?

Answer The cause of most birthmarks is unknown.…The cause of most birthmarks is unknown.…

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Are birthmarks genetic?

There may be genetic triggers for birthmarks caused while the baby is in the uterus, but this is still unproven. As of February 2010, scientists have not proven that there are genetic reasons for b... Read More »

Are birthmarks hereditary?

There are a number of different names for birthmarks, including port wine stains, angle kisses, stork bites, café au lait spot, moles, strawberry and vascular birthmarks. Despite popular belief, m... Read More »

How to Deal With Birthmarks?

Many people have birthmarks, me included. However to many people a birthmark may have a real knock on their confidence and self esteem, again.. me included. So I have been doing some research and h... Read More »

Are birthmarks inherited?

According to KidsHealth, medical science currently does not know why most birth marks appear. Some are inherited. Additionally, birthmarks have no relation to any procedures or actions during pregn... Read More »