Do you have any scars or prominent birthmarks?

Answer I have a small birth mark on my chinA scar on my lower left leg from a bike falling on me when I was a kidA long surgery scar on lower abdomenYucky mole on my neck that's been there all my life

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Are birthmarks inherited?

According to KidsHealth, medical science currently does not know why most birth marks appear. Some are inherited. Additionally, birthmarks have no relation to any procedures or actions during pregn... Read More »

Are birthmarks genetic?

There may be genetic triggers for birthmarks caused while the baby is in the uterus, but this is still unproven. As of February 2010, scientists have not proven that there are genetic reasons for b... Read More »

How to Cover Birthmarks?

A birthmark can either be considered a beautiful trademark or an unattractive distraction.It all depends on how you look at it. If you fall into the latter category, there is a simple way to cover ... Read More »

How are birthmarks formed?

Birthmarks vary in size, shape, and position on the body and, according to, appear in over 80 percent of children. While in many cases it is difficult to tell what caused a birthmark... Read More »