Why dont i have armpit hair yet/?

Answer Yeah, body hair grows at different paces on different people. Don't rush it.

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Why dont I have armpit hair?

Many kids your age don't have armpit hair! Totally normal! No worries.

Where in the UK can I have my armpit hair cornrowed?

I just got home from getting my leg hair corn rowed. I'm saving up for my pits. Next payday and 'm so there!! I really enjoy the lil place I got to. Thai women do it for you, along with any other "... Read More »

Does armpit hair and head hair grow at the same rate?

While any woman will tell u armpit hair seems to grow faster, the hair on your head grows faster so it would be longer in a month. But since it would be only a month, there would only be a tiny dif... Read More »

How to get rid of armpit hair?