I have 8 toes one foot... Do you?

Answer hi hunter am sorry i dont have 8 toes on either foot,i have five on each,but i think its kool that u have, hope this helps

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How to Have Sexy Toes And Soft Feet?

Sexy toes and soft feet are not only to show off in spring and summer.Maintaining soft feet requires some TLC (tender loving care)all year round.No need for expensive pedicures when all the ingredi... Read More »

What is the usual amount of toes people have?

I have SHOT myself in the FOOT blowing off one of my TOES!!!!!?

Going to the hospital will have little or nothing to do with your taxes. Don't be foolish.

How many toes do dogs have on their back paws?

Dogs have five toes on their back paws, just as they do on their front paws. The dewclaw, which is a vestigial or non-functional toe, is located higher up. Sometimes it is surgically removed.Source... Read More »