Why do we get red eyes in some digital pictures?

Answer The red eye is your retina. A human retina is red because it has blood vessels. This is always true. Normally you don't see it because it's dark in your eye. The pupil that keeps too much light... Read More »

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I accidently formated all of my pictures on my digital camera. Is there any way to get my pictures back?

After deleting pictures out of a digital camera there is anyway that I can get the pictures back?

you can get them, you can get recovery software or take them to a legitimate camera store e.g. Ritz or Wolf Camera and they can send your card in and recover the images to a CD. Good Luck, I hope t... Read More »

What are the two main file formats for saving digital pictures in a digital camera?

JPG and a native (proprietary) RAW format. TIF used to be common, but no more.JPG is a "lossy" compressed format, limited to 8 bits of information per RGB chanel, per pixel. The term "lossy" means ... Read More »

How to Put Pictures on a Digital Photo Keychain by Digital Solutions?

Digital photo key chains display a slide show of several digital photographs. To add photos to these key chains, you must install the software included with the key chain and add each photo manuall... Read More »