Why do we get heartburn after eating hot and spicy foods?

Answer probably cos your body is not accustomed to richly spiced food and has a reaction to it.Those of us who eat this on a regualr basis have no problem.Dont be alarmed but persistent heartburn can be l... Read More »

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What hormone is stimulated by eating spicy foods?

How do people stand eating spicy foods?

I always like it hot. My eyes may water, I may sweat, I may even not want to talk, and if it's insanely hot, I might go for a drink, but ever since I was about two years old I would eat spicy thin... Read More »

Simple question. What are your 3 favorite Spicy Foods If you don't like spicy foods what are your 3 ->?

Spicy Foods:Wasabi - For sushiChipotle MayoSpicy Thai Peanut SauceCheese:Pepper JackParmesan Fontina

What foods make heartburn go away?

While most heartburn treatments aim at avoiding foods that cause heartburn, there are a few foods that are believed to actually cure heartburn after it is already present, but the jury is still out... Read More »