Why do we eat food we can't catch naturally?

Answer I couldn't agree more with you! People keep going on about how eating meat is natural, when it so isn't. Specially when you see how animals are treated and killed, there is nothing natural about th... Read More »

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How do grasshoppers catch food?

With their large eyes, distinctive mouthparts and elongated back legs, grasshoppers are one of the most recognizable insects in the animal kingdom. Being herbivores they do not "catch" their food ... Read More »

How do sea turtles catch their food?

According to Sea World, there are a variety of species of sea turtle, each using a specially adapted mouth to catch their food. Sea turtles can be herbivorous (plant eating), carnivorous (meat eati... Read More »

How to Catch Small Food Objects in Your Mouth?

Tossing small bits of food in the air and catching it is a great trick. Popcorn is one of the best and easiest to catch in the air, but you can use any other similar small bits like M&M's

Food That Naturally Enhances Breast Size?

Women often are interested in increasing their breast size, whether it's because of personal preference or external pressures. There are ways to do this, with the most popular being breast implants... Read More »