How do I decorate outdoor trees at Christmas?

Answer SelectionSelect the tree you want to use. If possible, choose an evergreen tree like a fir for more traditional Christmas tree look. Pick a tree that is not too far away from electricity if you are... Read More »

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How to Paint or Decorate Glass Ornaments for Christmas Trees?

There are many ways to decorate glass Christmas ornaments. Purchase affordable glass balls at the dollar store, or buy them in bulk at the after-holiday sales. Children can decorate glass Christmas... Read More »

How to Decorate for Christmas?

Many people love decorating for Christmas. Here are some simple guidelines you may want to follow to make sure your decorations look great!

How to Decorate With Dry Ice for Christmas?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and is extremely cold at minus 109 F. When it is placed in hot tap water, it creates a drifting fog. This adds another dimension to your Christmas display. Add the d... Read More »

How to Decorate Feather Trees?

Feather trees were some of the first artificial Christmas trees, according to Restyled Home. These goose feather trees were meant to mimic the white pines of the German forests. When German immigra... Read More »