Why do we cut our fingernails?

Answer otherwise they will break and that might hurt.

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How to Cut a Man's Fingernails?

If you have ever shaken hands with someone with bad fingernails it is definitely something you will remember about that person. Your hands are one of the first things that people will notice when ... Read More »

How to Apply Art to Fingernails?

You don't have to be an artist to apply designs to your fingernails. With a decent paint brush, some acrylic paint and a simple design, you can gain the confidence to apply lovely artwork. Apply ar... Read More »

How to Buff Fingernails?

Buffing your nails reduces the ridges on your nail beds that can cause cracking and breaking. It also helps your fingernails to look as shiny as if you have a clear coat of nail polish on, which ma... Read More »

How to File Fingernails?

Filing your fingernails is not only good grooming, it is a necessity for everyone. Fingernails are made up of layers and if not taken care of correctly, they can crack and split which will cause di... Read More »