Why do we, as humans have to brush our teeth, when animals don't?

Answer Its only a question of bad breath and ettiquette and bad diet !Dogs eg have bones and things to chew on that naturally clean teeth, out poor diet is full of soft acidic things which dont help our t... Read More »

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How come other animals can keep their teeth but humans have to clean theirs or risk them falling out?

Most animals don't eat sugar (sucrose) or foods processed with it..

How come animals don't need to brush their teeth?

animals secrete an enzyme from their salivary gland that is similar to listerine. it comes out when they are finished with a meal. this does not work out for them sometimes because it means poacher... Read More »

How long will I have to brush my teeth for perfect white teeth?

mix peroxide and baking soda together and brush for 3-5 minutes after ever meal as well as before you go to sleep and when you wakeup, this should give you pearly white teeth

Why dont humans have tails?

The debate still continues as to whether we do or do not, or, did or did not. Evolutionists believe we did and still do in the shape of a 'vestigial organ'; i.e. the coccyx (tail bone). A 'vestigia... Read More »