Why do we Americans think milk is good for health?


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What is good for your health,coffee or milk?

try green tea....but if you must, Soy milk or Decaf...

Is it harmful to health to heat milk bag in microwave oven and then boil the milk?

This practice may be harmful for health because the polythene milk bag may not be microwave safe and some portion of it may melt and contaminate the milk.

Why do Americans think the English have bad teeth..when Americans can't seem to see past fake teeth?

HAHA marked this interesting.. im from America and i have never thought about this! LOL...NICE ONE MAN

Recent health scares include SARS, bird flu, and 'superbugs.' What health threat do you think looms in 2008?

MRSA, and any organism that is developing antibiotic resistant strains. People haven't really paid much attention to the little bugs that live on us daily but can kill us. I am positive that the ov... Read More »