Why do we Americans think milk is good for health?


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What is good for your health,coffee or milk?

try green tea....but if you must, Soy milk or Decaf...

Is it harmful to health to heat milk bag in microwave oven and then boil the milk?

This practice may be harmful for health because the polythene milk bag may not be microwave safe and some portion of it may melt and contaminate the milk.

How many Americans have no health insurance?

As of 2008, the last year for which statistical data exists, 46.3 million Americans were without health insurance, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In September 2009, President Barack Obama est... Read More »

What percent of Americans have health insurance?

According to a July 2009 Gallup poll, approximately 83.8 percent of people in the United States have health insurance. A 2008 U.S. Census Bureau report estimated that 84.7 percent of Americans have... Read More »