Why do vinyl records skip?

Answer The vinyl record, in various forms, dominated commercial music reproduction for much of the 20th century, and remains in use today. To understand the common problem of a skipping record, it's first... Read More »

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How to Convert Vinyl Records to MP3?

Many music enthusiasts prefer vinyl over cassettes, CDs and MP3s. However, vinyl has many limitations. Vinyl records aren't portable, and there's no easy way to burn them to a CD or listen to them ... Read More »

How to Find Vinyl Records on the Net?

Many of us are still holding on to those old vinyl records long after CDs have supposedly taken over the market. As evidence, turntables have not gone the way of the Dodo and can still be found in ... Read More »

How do I clean old vinyl records?

PreparationRemove the record from the dust cover. Set the dust cover aside, away from the record to protect it from liquids. Place the record on a turntable.CleaningMake a small puddle of record cl... Read More »

Do you still own vinyl records?

I have 2. They are star wars records. However, my dad had an addiction of going to auctions and would come back with hundreds of them. He has so many, and such a wide variety. I would probably say ... Read More »