Why do vines wrap around rainforest trees?

Answer There is very little light in the rainforest (in relative terms) because the very high tree canopy 'steals' all the light and not much makes it to the forest floor as a result. The vines like every... Read More »

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Vines That Kill Plants and Trees?

According to the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, invasive plants are responsible for economic loss in excess of 1.1 billion dollars annually. Invasive species are defined as nonna... Read More »

Do grapes grow on trees or vines?

Grapes grow on vines. A woody trunk grows up from the roots and gives rise to long branches called arms, which give the plant a tree-like appearance. Vines called canes shoot from the arms. Leaves,... Read More »

Wild Grape Vines & Trees?

People have been enjoying grapes for thousands of years. Although professional growers have cultivated and perfected numerous species of grapes, many wild varieties exist throughout North America. ... Read More »

Tropical Flowers, Trees & Vines to Plant?

If you want to create a tropical garden, there are many flowers, trees and vines that grow beautifully in hot, humid climates. Tropical flowers grow on shrubs, vines or by themselves. Palm trees an... Read More »