Why do video cards have different manufacturers?

Answer Same reason many other things have different mfgs. They all use the same graphics chip but different clock speeds and cooling fans, etc.

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Can I use two different video cards in SLI?

You cannot use two different video card models in a scalable link interface (SLI) configuration. You can, however, use the same model of video card made by two different manufacturers. Download the... Read More »

How to Install Two Different Video Cards?

Video cards allow you to play video games, watch movies and connect monitors to your computer. Although most computers use one video card, you may find two different cards that excel in different a... Read More »

Can my Aspire M1640 run two different video cards?

You can run two different video cards at the same time in the Acer Aspire M1640 desktop computer. The system has a PCI-Express x16 slot as well as two PCI slots for adding video cards. However, the... Read More »

How to Install Two Different Video Cards on One Computer?

Using two video cards increases the video processing power of your computer for gaming and other video-intensive applications. The additional processing power will heat the inside of the computer a... Read More »