Why do vegetarians/vegans argue that there is no such thing as humane slaughter?

Answer My guess is that they've got a different definition of "humane." The most common definition of "humane" basically means "compassionate." It's not particularly compassionate to kill something just b... Read More »

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Do you follow a vegetarian diet because you are against animal slaughter or is it more of a health thing?

I'm wanting to become a vegan. I have a few reasons for wanting to being a vegan.... for example:- I don't support animal cruelty, I mean, I don't know who would. But I hate the fact that so many a... Read More »

Does karin Slaughter have any family members from Talladega name Slaughter?

What makes an animal okay to slaughter vs. inhumane to slaughter?

Typically people are disgusted at the fur industry because of its very nature, you are killing an animal JUST for fashion. The fur industrys standards of welfare are absolutely dire too, as long as... Read More »

Who is jessi slaughter?

Okayyy. Here's the deal.This 11-year-old girl, "Jessi Slaughter" (real name Jessica Leonhardt and username kerligirl13) posted nude pictures of herself on a website called Tumblr. People started se... Read More »