Why do vegetarians/vegans argue that there is no such thing as humane slaughter?

Answer My guess is that they've got a different definition of "humane." The most common definition of "humane" basically means "compassionate." It's not particularly compassionate to kill something just b... Read More »

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Is there such thing as artificial ingredients that are good for you?

that depends on what you mean by artificial.there are many drugs that are used by catastrophically ill people to keep them alive that ARE artificially made and for those folks, these ARE good for t... Read More »

I'[m looking for a computer monitor that is also a TV. is there such a thing?

Actually you can make a monitor as a TV by having a TV video card and TV as a monitor by having a card that supports TV outYou just need to add something to it

Is there such thing as a DVD player that will play .avi , .mkv , or .ogm files What is it?

Philips players can play .AVI (DivX) files as well as the usual DVD and JPEG stills. I haven't seen anything that will play the other formats, but some other mfg's can play MPEG files.

Is there such thing as a tv cable that can be plugged into a regular outlet?

you need a splitter.....if for two rooms....two way splitter.....…