Why do vegetarians look like they are dying?

Answer I tend to agree. Perhaps it is because the protein a person needs is built from amino acids which don't come packaged in plants the way they do in animals. Some have to be taken in combination or s... Read More »

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Since cows are vegetarians, can not human vegetarians safely eat beef and still be considered a vegetarian?

Yes, but you have to fry the cow in vegetable oil first.

Vegetarians. What inspired u to become vegetarians Any incident in particular?

Yes I had a particular incident.A lot of years ago a friend gave me a tiny gray kitten she had rescued and was unable to keep her.I took her in knowing nothing about cats, we always had dogs growin... Read More »

Vegetarians: What did you think about vegetarians before you became a vegetarian?

i thought they were all hippies. now i feel bad for being so stereotypical!

Am I dying or what Please Help?

Don't worry! Don't start assuming things like that!You may have something called Fybromyalgia, which makes you tired and can make you ache.