Why do vegetarians force people NOT to eat meat?

Answer I agree with you, meat is healthy. Well, it should be, but the mass production of food often means that it is not. So I buy organic free-range meat.What annoys the feck out of me with some militant... Read More »

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Vegans and Vegetarians are people rude to you for not eating meat?

I only really experience that rudeness/immaturity online, but having said that, I don't live in the US and it seems like it might be worse there. The thing is, if anyone ever is rude to you, they a... Read More »

Do vegetarians lose weight quicker than people who eat meat?

Not always. In some cases they also eat more starches...which make you fat in excess.

Why don't vegetarians live longer than people who eat meat?

Not all vegetarians are healthy, i think those that eat a balanced diet do have a higher chance of living for a long time, but then the same for meat eaters, just because someone eats meat it doesn... Read More »

Are people more naturally inclined to be vegetarians or meat eaters?

Hey southsider....I would say meat eater (at least in the U.S.) because we have the option to be either and approx. 98% choose to eat meat.I see Francesca has been reading the propaganda sites. We ... Read More »