Is the movie little vampires better then twilight, since it kept the myth of vampires?

Answer I assume you mean "The Little Vampire" 2000No but also yes (well kind of)The "No":There is no such thing as a "myth of vampires" or a correct myth of vampires. The commonly known myth of vampires i... Read More »

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Is it a bad thing if you like to drink blood and other peoples blood?

Hematolagnia is a fetish for blood. Assuming it is indeed hematolagnia and not a vampires-are-cool phase, it depends on what you consider to be "bad" in regards to sexual practices. She has a risk ... Read More »

How do i drink my own blood?

1. Don't think you can, and if you can then you would need to order it offline because I will tell you right now that most stores that have something like that will hurt their business!2. Well, fo... Read More »

Is it ok to drink your own blood?

It won't hurt you at all, unless you drink enough to make yourself sick, but then you have other problems such as bleeding to death. If your mouth is infected, then you could infect a cut but it's ... Read More »

Is it possible to bite someone hard enough to be able to drink their blood?

yes, I've done it to me before.I heard that sane people couldn't bite through their own skin, and I wanted to see if it was true, but I forgot to factor in the fact that I'm not sane.right wrist, e... Read More »