Why do used cars receive lower apr?

Answer Used cars can receive a lower APR than new cars because, in most cases, the total amount financed on a used car is less than on a new car. This reduces the lender's exposure that results from givin... Read More »

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What cars have lower insurance rates?

Insurance rates are a part of the cost of owning a car that one can control to some degree. There are some cars that are inherently cheaper to insure than others.ConsiderationsThe overall cost of a... Read More »

Can lower octane fuels be used in cars requiring premium fuel?

Even though you can put regular fuel in the gas tank of a car that requires premium grade gasoline, doing so risks damaging the engine and voiding the car's warranty. If the premium fuel is require... Read More »

I'm deaf blind and receive lower and middle rate DLA can I claim higher rate and or mobility?

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Can your personal disability insurance lower your benfit they pay out to you when you receive social security from an personal injury?