Why do tv's say RGB when red yellow and blue a the primary colours?

Answer Actually, the three primary colors when we're talking about light are red, green, and blue (RGB). Mixing colors of paint or ink works differently, of course. In printing, the primary ink colors a... Read More »

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If blue, red, and yellow are primary colors, why do color TVs use red blue and green?

Red, blue, and yellow are primary colors for pigment.Red, green, and yellow are primary colors for light. The two are not the same.

Best eye shadow colours for blue eyes?

Well i have blue eyes, And the only colours that suit are actually, Brown, silve and black and blue. I try to blend it a lot so Blue i try blend with a light blue and a darker blue which makes them... Read More »

Can you get different colours of toilet flush, not just blue?

I always wonder that myself why it doesn't come in different colors.The only other color is green that I know of.I guess any other color would look like blood, piss, or whatever else it may turn th... Read More »

How to Know What Make up Colours to Wear for Blue Eyes?

See as these blue eyes really pop when using silver or grey eye shadowBlue eyes after all, are tranquillizing and gorgeous to behold. Your makeup should enhance your beautiful blue eyes, not hide t... Read More »