Why do trees shed?

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Coniferous Trees That Shed Needles?

Conifers are named for the trait of bearing their seeds in cones. Most coniferous trees retain their needlelike leaves for several years instead of dropping them annually. But a small group of dec... Read More »

Trees That Shed Leaves in Winter?

Many tree species, though certainly not all, shed their leaves in the winter. Trees of this type have been botanically defined as deciduous. Hardwoods such as sugar maples (Acer saccharum), America... Read More »

How long do maple trees shed their seeds?

Maple trees shed their winged seeds for about three months, beginning in April and ending in June. The seeds are spread by wind and sometimes by water. Only trees 11 years or older bear seeds.Refer... Read More »

Trees that shed their leaves when winter approaches are?