Why do trees have very bright flowers?

Answer Trees have bright flowers to attract the pollinators. specific types of pollinators are bees and hummingbirds.

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Is the bright sun making your spring flowers bloom?

Here in Devon on a high & windswept garden my miniature daffs have been out for 2 weeks,Tete a Tete & Jetfire.Pansies & violas have been struggling but are just getting to full glory,ditto forget-m... Read More »

Tree With Bright Purple Flowers & Fuzzy Leaves?

There are not a lot of tree species that bloom in bright purple. There are some, though, and even a few that have fuzzy leaves. They are all tropical or subtropical trees that only thrive in hot cl... Read More »

Flowering Trees With Bright Orange Blossoms in Florida?

Tropical landscapes call out for centerpieces of tall, blooming trees. Florida's showiest, orange-flowering trees are the royal poinciana, the African tuliptree, the geigertree, and an orange versi... Read More »