Why do trees have very bright flowers?

Answer Trees have bright flowers to attract the pollinators. specific types of pollinators are bees and hummingbirds.

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Why are your babies hands and feet often very cold and purple and then very bright red?

this could be a birth defect or a childhood disease called "rickets" which is normally caused by poor nutrition.Sometimes it can be caused by lack of Vitamin D

Do mosses have very small flowers?

Mosses are all classified as bryophytes; they produce spores for propagation, rather than seeds, and they do not flower. Unlike flowering plants, mosses lack any real root structure. Instead they p... Read More »

Do all trees have fruit&flowers?

Angiosperms such as oaks and maples have fruit and flowers. Trees called gymnosperms have neither fruit nor flowers, according to Backyard Nature and Clinton Community College---they include such w... Read More »

What trees don't have flowers?