Smooth Bark & Oak Trees?

Answer There can be a lot of variation in tree barks throughout the life cycle of many species of trees; however, very few maintain a constant smoothness throughout their life cycle. Oak trees are another... Read More »

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What kind of trees have white bark?

Trees with white and whitish bark are popular in landscaping because they provide a nice contrast to the many species of trees with brown bark. Several species of white-bark trees have a wide range... Read More »

Painted Bark Eucalyptus Trees?

Painted bark eucalyptus trees, also called "painted gum," "rainbow gum," "Eucalyptus deglupta," "rainbow eucalyptus" and "bagras eucalyptus," are known for their colorful bark. The bark naturally p... Read More »

How to Identify Maple Trees by Their Bark?

Out of more than 100 maple tree species, fourteen grow naturally in the United States. While there are several characteristic to use to distinguish maple trees from other trees, some of these trait... Read More »

Is There any type of trees that molt their bark?

Crepe Myrtles shed their bark and have a smooth, greyish trunk as they get older.