Why do trains need to run on rails?

Answer Rails are necessary. Keep in mind that rails will flex too. I'm thinking about this time of year when the ground is soft, and we're doing switching (shunting) on industry tracks, at walking speeds.... Read More »

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Why do rail companies insist on wrongly calling their trains (the vehicles that run on rails) for "services"?

The train does not terminate at the next station. The train ride terminates at the next station. The train ride is the service.

Why do some people call guard rails guide rails, what do they guide?

The "Politically Correct" term is, "GUIDE "rail.They were originally called "Guard "rails.But I guess that, in today's lawsuit happy society,it had to be changed, since they don't actually "guard" ... Read More »

Which country has more trains Japan or US (not miles of track, strictly trains) Please provide sources.?

The total number of operable locomotives in the United States is staggering and I am not about to try and figure out how to determine exactly how many there are.BNSF: According to BNSF's 2007 Annua... Read More »

Will the U.S. phase out commuter trains that use diesel and switch to electric trains in the future?

Derail & Dieterzakas have the most VALID point (as opposed to green-dreams):1) Electrical trains require power plants, and MOST people don't want a power plant built near by.2) The VAST expense of ... Read More »