How do I unclog low-flush toilets?

Answer PlungerPlace a plunger in the toilet bowl of the low-flush toilet, down into the water covering the bottom hole. Make sure the bottom edge of the plunger makes a solid seal up against the porcelain... Read More »

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How Do Flush Toilets Work?

Toilets don't operate simply on the principle of gravity in sweeping water and waste materials down plumbing pipes. Toilets also use a siphoning system. Toilets are more functional than they are co... Read More »

How do toilets flush south of the equator?

When a toilet is flushed, water leaves the bowl and enters the drainage system. Since there is more water in the bowl than the drain can handle at one time, it may take several seconds at least for... Read More »

Is it true that people staying in condominiums in Switzerland are not supposed to use flush the toilets after 10 pm in order not to disturb the people in other apartments?

Most condominiums follow guidelines that are individually crafted. Read the governing documents for the condominium where you live to determine what the rule is for flushing toilets according to th... Read More »

Does a heart royal flush beat a spade royal flush?

In poker, a royal flush consists of the following cards in the same suit: ace, king, queen, jack and 10. This combination constitutes the highest possible value in the game and no suit trumps anoth... Read More »