Why do today's parents do not understand what a teenagers life is all about?

Answer AnswerHe could be wrong. They always say +/- 2 weeks. You could be 8 weeks or 4 weeks. They don't know for sure only God knows.

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How to Have a Secret Life Your Parents Don't Know About?

Some people have really strict parents who make you dress a certain way. That stinks. So what can you do about it? Go ahead with your new look, just keep it a secret!

How does a verbally abused child make people understand that they are not just complaining about having to follow their parents' rules?

AnswerYou will probably never get most people to understand because society at large is in a state of denial about the extent of child abuse. They don't want to understand.You are also probably not... Read More »

Should parents control what teenagers view or listen to?

The goblin thing is Oleg's deception of the pedophiles.

What can teenagers do to improve life for young children?

be a better person/role model to the children. to show them that we must be good human beings so that we can live happily!